Stylish Ghana Braided Hairstyles Trending in 2020 (Photos)

There are varieties of beautiful Ghana braided hairstyles currently making waves in this 2020. Hairstylists are doling out different sophisticated Ghana braids styles on daily basis. We collated these new Ghana braided hairstyles that not so many people have worn this year. The Ghana styles range from side bang, two-sided bangs, all back Ghana braids, ponytail Ghana braids, triangular braids amongst others. Let's dive straight in to see these gorgeous Ghana braids.

THE ONE SIDE BANG: This Ghana braids style is your go-to style on days when you want to go a little bit extra with your looks. It suits people with a round or oval-shaped face and can be worn with a slight make-up to occasions or office. 

THE GODDESS GHANA BRAIDS: The name derived from the fact that the Ghana style is accessorized with beads and a little bang at the front, having a princess-like look. This Ghana braids style is what you need to glam away on the gram. lol, I should go into rapping, see rhyme now.  

TRIANGULAR GHANA BRAIDS: Remember my initial statement that hairstylists are going all the way and doling out beautiful braided hairstyles this year? I was referring to this hairstyle. This creativity entangled in this Ghana braids is all you need to see to rock it. This is a lazy girl's go-to- hairstyle. Just a touch of makeup on your face and you're good to go.

ALL BACK GHANA BRAIDS: This is a very popular Ghana braids style as every black woman once or twice in their lifetime must have rocked this exact Ghana braids style but have you learned how to lay your edges properly when rocking an all back Ghana braids? This is the specific reason why you are seeing this braid right here. 

TWO STEPS GHANA BRAIDS: This Ghana braids style will guarantee your bum 6 hours or more of sitting down. lol. I am not kidding, you will sit down and get tired if sitting especially if you have a sizeable head like me. I did make this exact style and it took more than 6 hours to finish. But the outcome and final look are always worth the stress. Can you endure sitting down for more than 6 hours to get your birds done?

OTHER CREATIVELY MADE GAHAN BRAIDS STYLES are below. Remember to save as many pictures as you want for your next hair appointment. 


Photo credit: africanahairstyles


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