20 Simple Natural Hairstyles You Can Create at Home (Photos)



Whether you have been team natural hair for a long time or you're a new convert, there are days when you will want to style your natural hair without hassles. On such days, you will be looking for hairstyles that will be achieved in under 20-30 minutes. This could entail experimenting with different styles like changing up your texture, accessorizing your hair, or simply sticking to the conventional styles.

Whatever style you want to try on your natural hair, you are lucky because there is an abundance of inspiration where you can easily pick any hairstyle that will be super cool for your natural hair. You will agree that having the basic skills of styling your natural hair is a great way to save money from salons until you are ready for a big hairstyle. Below are some eye-catching hairstyles you can try on your natural hair.

Jumbo Twist

Jumbo twists are great protective hairstyles that will help your natural hair to be protected from harsh weather while ensuring low manipulation. Twisting your natural hair is something that can be achieved with or without extension. The length of time varies when you are using extensions. Using hair attachments should take about 2-3 hours while twisting only your natural hair would take 20-30 minutes.


Jumbo Topknot

If you don't like your natural hair to be everywhere or messy and want it out of your face, then consider this Jumbo topknot. To create this style, make sure your roots are smoothened out with gel. Then go ahead and lay your baby hairs.

Double Bun

This style is very good for sisters with short natural hair. If your hair is not long enough to be in a single bun, then you definitely need to try a double bun. Parting your hair into two sections, smooth your roots with hair gel and tie with hair bands while getting your edges properly laid.

Apart from using kinky hair extension to achieve a double bun hairstyle, you can also use braided hair extensions where you braid the attachment from root to the tip, make it into a handle and gently attach them to your buns. A double bun can be achieved in different ways.

Jumbo Braids

Jumbo braids are good for protecting your natural hair and ensure low manipulation. Braiding your natural hair can be achieved on both short and long hair. What is more cool is using the braids to achieve a braid-out look

This pineapple hairstyle is the easiest to achieve on lazy mornings and can be done in under 5 seconds. This style is a classic and fuss-free hairstyle. Just throw your head forward, use a hairband, gather and tie together for a voluminous high ponytail.

Bantu Knots

If you are looking for a style that protects your hair while representing our African heritage and pride, then Bantu knots is calling your name. Just section your hair into 10 parts, braid with extension or just your natural hair if it's long enough, then roll each part into a tight mini bun. Smooth your baby hairs and you are good to go.

Afro Bun with Bang
It can get much easier with an afro bun hairstyle. This style will fit perfectly with 4c kinky natural hair. Adding the extra frontal bangs by securing down with rubber bands is an irresistible way to look extra.

Double Ponies
Doubling the ponies is doubling the fun. Accessorizing with colorful hairbands and rubbers is also another way to look extra without going to the hair salon. This style is beautiful and will not take more than 15 minutes of your time.

Braided Updo
You can show off your braiding skills by cornrowing your hair and finishing off with an afro extension. If you already have your braids down, sweeping them into a bun will not take up to 5 minutes. But if you are starting from scratch, then 20 minutes is enough to achieve this hairstyle.

Cornrows with Crotchet
This style is great for when you are going on occasions or attending a party. With tiny cornrows at the front, you need to use kinky hair extension and crochet it to the back section for this exact look. 

Afro Half-up, Half-down
You can try it these half-up and hald-down hairstyles using your hairbands and other hair accessories. If your natural hair is not long enough, throwing in clip ins or afro kinky hair extension will be an alternative to achieve this look without breaking your back. With long natural hair, a braid or twist out for the back section is all you should do. This style is super cute and shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.

Phony Pony

Adding a cornrow at the front while doing a side part before pulling your natural hair into a bun is a cool and tempting style to experiment. This style is good for 4B type of hair but can be achieved on 4c kinky hair. You will have to stretch out your hair if you're 4c type to look really sleek and juicy.

Afro Puff
You can glam up your hair with this style by bringing out a little section at the front, 3-sectioned cornrows by the side and sweeping the rest of your natural hair into a high voluminous ponytail. A braid or twist-out is cool to achieve curls at the tip.

This style is a top favorite hairstyle for men and women. Originally, you have to shave off sides of your head, leaving a stripe of hair at the middle section. This style is achieved using hair gel and afro kinky extension. Roll and tuck it in with hair pins. This mohawk hairstyle can be achieved in 15 minutes after seeking your hair down with gel.

Updo with Baby Hair Focus
Pulling your hair in a bun and stylishly adding two cornrows at the front with beads, let your baby hairs to steal the show. This style can be achieved in 30 minutes.

Messy Updo
If your hair is the thick 4c natural hair and coarse, then this style will be great for you. Spritz your hair with water to soften it up a bit, apply hair oil and cream  before sweeping them up with hairband. This style is a 5 minute hairstyle.

Flat Twists
If braids and cornrows are too hard for you, then your next option is a flat twist. If you want something fanciful, you can sweep them back into a low bun or pony. Large twists are faster than tiny twists. Both will give the same result.

Updo with Side Crisscross
To show your braiding skills again, you can decide to make 2 big cornrows at the front after parting your hair into two equal halves, then do another tiny cornrows separating the bigger ones, go ahead and use tiny black rubberbands to do a three-sectioned crisscross by the sides and you are good to go. Don't forget to use hair accessories just for extra look.

Watch how you can achieve this hairstyle below

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