5 Beard Habits You Should Stop in 2021

If you are wondering why your beard is not as full and healthy-looking as you want, then you might want to check out if you are guilty of these 5 bad beard habits. These beard habits can damage your beard, causes itchiness as well as dryness which ends up spoiling your look. A great way to get your beard looking fantastic is by breaking these habits and ending it in 2021.

1. Pulling and tugging your beard: A lot of men will be like “pulling my beard enables me to think properly”, No bro. It doesn’t. It is always very tempting to fiddle and touches your beard especially if they are long and full. Whether you are tugging and pulling your beard as a fun way to ponder on decisions, an ingrained habit, or a nervous tick, this can cause damage to your beard in the long run. Pulling your beard weakens the hair causing them to fall out. It is more like continuously pulling the hairs on your head. Habitually pulling and tugging your beard will lead to increased hair loss, therefore patches and holes in the beard area.

2. Stroking your beard: This is similar to pulling your beard. Stroking your beard is another bad beard habit that you should leave in 2021. Stroking your beard can lead to a buildup of bacteria and dirt. Your hands are constantly touching one thing or the other throughout the day. When you touch your beard with the same hands, you could potentially transfer dirt and bacteria from your hands to your beard. This can result in beardruff (the sister of dandruff), acne, itchiness, and inflamed hair follicles.

3. Not shaping your neckline: While it is okay not to shape the neckline in the first stages of growing your beard as it helps create thickness and get your beard growing, it is not okay to not shape the neckline when the beard develops and grows more. You need to trim it down to keep looking tidy and sweet. Getting your neckline in good shape can take your beard from looking messy and unkempt to a more sophisticated and better look.

4. Using ordinary shampoo on your beard: Washing your beard is important to keep it clean, healthy, and super soft but you should avoid the bad beard habit of washing your beard with ordinary shampoo that is designed for the hairs on your head. This is not good because the skin on your scalp requires different care to that on your face. Beard hair is known as androgenic hair which simply means that it grows as a result of hormones. This kind of hair has different properties to the hair that grows on your head and should be cared for, differently.

5. Forgetting to moisturize your beard: Buying products for your beard is not the same as constantly using them. You might have a bottle of beard oil in your bathroom but forgetting to apply it on your beard is a premium bad beard habit that can make a difference to your beard. Beard oil helps to hydrate your beard hairs and moisturizes the skin underneath. It also helps to prevent the hairs from becoming dry, brittle, and itchy. Constant application of beard oil will promote a healthy and soft beard.

If you are struggling with any or all of these bad beard habits, comment below. You can also share your strategies for ditching these bad beard habits. We are leaving these bad beard habits in 2021. Let’s hear you below.

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