Anal Itching – Causes and Home Remedies for Anus Infection


A lot of people experience anal itching which is the itchiness of the anus and there are lots of possible causes of anal itching ranging from dietary factors to diabetes and skin conditions.

The itchy anus is a symptom and not necessarily a disease. It can be embarrassing for some people to talk openly about itchy anus but the itching is actually a common problem that can be treated, although treatment depends on the cause of the itchiness.

Causes of Anal Itching – Anal itching can be caused by the following…

1. Hygiene: Not washing your anus very well or over washing of the anus can cause irritation and itchiness.

2. Skin conditions: such as dermatitis and psoriasis can cause irritation and itching.

3. Cosmetics: Using perfumed or scented soaps to wash the anus frequently can cause irritation.

4. Anal or Rectal disorders: For example, people with piles and anal fissures.

5. Infections: Sexually Transmitted Infections could lead to anal itching.

6. Foods: some dietary irritants like chili pepper can cause irritation of the anus. Foods like caffeinated drinks, alcohol, milk products, peanuts, spices, tomatoes, and chocolate can also cause irritation.

7. Skin-related causes: Skin irritation can result from factors such as prolonged contact with feces coming from poor hygiene, persistent diarrhea which causes one to wipe the butt more can cause anal itching.

Whatever is the cause of your anal itching, it is advisable to seek medical and professional help if the itching is persistent. However, here are some home remedies that could help.

1. Always keep the anal area very clean by washing the anus after emptying the bowels.

2. Always wash the anal area with plain warm water and dry very well.

3. Dry the anal area by dabbing gently with a soft towel and not by rubbing roughly.

4. Stay away from highly spiced and seasoned foods.

5. Use wipes to clean the anal area and not paper.

6. Always wear cotton gloves while sleeping in order to prevent skin damage that could result from unconscious scratching.

7. Keep your fingernails short and clean to avoid introducing bacteria to the anus when you scratch it.

8. Avoid wearing underwear at night. Let that place breathe.

9. Always wear loose and breathable cotton underwear.

10. Eat plenty of fiber to promote regular bowel movements.

11. To soothe the irritated skin, soak cotton balls in cold water and gently dab the affected area.

12. Finally, try not to scratch.

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