Bleaching Your Skin – Here’s how it Destroys Your Skin & Health

Bleaching of the skin is one of the latest trends among dark-skinned people. Many men and women in a bid to look more attractive and appealing use bleaching creams without considering the negative effects and consequences that come from stripping the skin of its melanin.

The manufacturers of these bleaching creams are not equally helping matters as the majority of them have resorted to fine-tuning these creams with words like “lightening or brightening” in order to lure more customers into the “bleaching nest”.

What Is Skin Bleaching?

Skin bleaching is the process of reducing the melanin on the body (the topmost layers of your skin). Melanin is the pigment on your body that controls skin color. Whether you use words like brightening or lightening, you are still referring to bleaching.

Reasons for Skin Bleaching

Most people bleach their skin due to a lack of self-confidence or low self-esteem. Low self-esteem resulting from the fact that these people feel that fair and light-skinned people are more beautiful and attractive.

Skin bleaching could also be a result of peer pressure. Such mentality comes from thinking “if your friends are living their best lives as light-skinned, then you should also join the bandwagon”.

How Skin Bleaching destroys your Skin and Health

1. Skin bleaching causes skin cancer: 

If you are currently thinking of joining the bandwagon of people that are bleaching their skin, then this is a major reason to have a rethink. When you bleach your skin, you are simply destroying the melanin on your skin. The melanin functions as a protector of your skin against harmful carcinogenic effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun.

This is why really dark-skinned people have lower chances of having skin cancer than light-skinned people. But once you bleach your skin, your skin will be deprived of this protection, therefore you increase your chances of having cancer of the skin.

2. It makes one age faster:

Skin bleaching can make you age very fast. Products containing hydroquinone and mercury stops the production of melanin on your skin which makes your skin lighter. When these products are used for extended periods, the chemicals in the products react to the rays from the sun. And when they become oxidized, it makes your skin color very unattractive. This is the reason why some people experience discoloration of the skin.

Hydroquinone also tempers with the production of collagen which is responsible for skin’s elasticity. With low levels of collagen, you will begin to develop aging signs faster than expected.

3. Skin bleaching makes your skin prone to injuries: 

This is because many bleaching creams contains steroids and this causes skin atrophy. A skin condition that reduces the thickness of your skin. This makes your skin to be prone to injuries like cuts, bruises and abrasions.

4. It can damage your internal organs:

One of the chemicals used in bleaching cream is mercury which is a harmful chemical. This can lead to kidney damage. Mercury can also cause discoloration, anxiety, depression, and scarring. Injecting or inhaling mercury or absorbing it through your skin can affect your internal organs and cause irreversible damage to your brain.

5. Skin bleaching can cause numerous skin allergies and infections:

When you bleach your skin, you will be exposed to constant irritation of the skin. This might even get worse if your skin is sensitive. Skin problems like rashes, burning sensation, skin redness and excessive drying of the skin are what you should be expecting while bleaching your skin. You can equally have different patches on your skin. These conditions make your skin crack or peel.

In conclusion, the negative effects of skin bleaching far outweigh the positive side. Therefore, it is better not to bleach your skin at all. Some Instagram bleaching cream vendors will tell you it is organic products. Please do not listen to their deceptions.

Your skin is beautiful in its dark and natural complexion. What you should be looking for is a product that contains Shea butter that would maintain your beautiful complexion. Black is bold and golden.

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