You Can Make Your Butt Bigger without Surgery, Find out how!!!

A growing number of people are taking the risk of going under the knife just to get their buttocks to be bigger. So if you are also wondering how to make yours bigger, you’re not alone. Going for butt implants isn’t just expensive but painful too. You also have to worry about complications that might result from it. Some range from bleeding, infection to scarring and fluid accumulation.

Nigerian Twitter was in a frenzy over the news of Dr. Anu whose client got an infection from a supposed butt fat transfer that wasn’t done right. She isn’t the only client from the same surgeon who has complained about complications after a procedure. When you read these like this, you will be torn in between making up your mind to go for a procedure or just allow your butt to remain peanut-sized.

As a woman, we all crave that round and firm butt that spins heads while looking amazing in skinny jeans. Having big butts for men also increase their sex appeal, no wonder some men clamor to get big butts. Luckily for you, there other ways to make your butts bigger without going under the knife.

Easy tricks like practicing different squat variations and adding a “butt day” to your workout routine can make the difference, lift and strengthen your glutes. Before proceeding to what exercises to do in order to increase your butt size, it is important to understand the muscles that the buttocks consist of. The butt has 3 muscles …

1. The Gluteus Maximus: 

This is the largest muscle in your body and the main extensor of the hip. It contributes to the appearance and shape of the hips. You use this muscle when you climb the stairs, run, squat or when you kick your leg backward. Training this muscle will make your buttocks look firmer and round. Exercises to increase the size of the Gluteus Maximus are

· Front squats

· Squat jumps

· Kettlebell swings

· Side lunges

· Farmer squats

· Single-leg squats.

2. The Gluteus Medius: 

This wraps around to the front hips. The muscle allows you to flex, rotate and extend your hip. For your hips to be wider, work this muscle more often. Exercises to practice are…

· Side-lying hip abduction

· Side-lying clams

· Monster walks

· Mini band squats

· Donkey kicks.

3. The Gluteus Minimus: 

This is a small muscle that is placed beneath the gluteus medius. It allows you to lift and rotate your thigh. It also stabilizes the pelvis and hips while acting as a flexor. Exercises for the Gluteus minimus are…

· Hip hitches

· Single leg side bridges

· Mini band squats

· Lateral band walks

The idea is to challenge your muscles into growth so do not be afraid to use weight while exercising. Try to squeeze your butts as tight as possible during each exercise. If you do it right, then your butt will be bigger with constant exercising. You should also consider looking into your meal to make sure you are eating well. You need to put in work to get the body you dream of.

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