5 Important Underwear Tips for Taking Care of Your Vagina

It is easier to always put on our panties and/or knickers without worrying about what they might be doing to our coochie. As a Vagina owner, there are some tips to apply to take control of your vagina health. Here are 5 tips to apply to your daily life.

1. Avoid tight undergarments: Tight underwear can cause irritation and make one be very uncomfortable. Wearing tight undergarments can also cause vaginal yeast infection which is not a fun thing. Stick to loose and soft underwear, the stretcher the fabric, the better.

2. Check the fabric: Some fabrics are not breathable especially if they are synthetic. Your vagina needs air and should be allowed to breathe. By not allowing air to breeze in down there, you are doing a great disservice to your coochie and increasing the risk of moisture being trapped in there. All moist areas are breeding grounds for bacterial and fungus infection. Also, go for cotton material because they allow the coochie to breathe naturally, you don’t want to get a vaginal yeast infection.

3. Sleep Naked Sis: Come, why are you sleeping with your pant on? Haba Sis, wetin happen now? It is very very very advisable to sleep without any underwear to allow plenty of airflow and breathability. Rock that your nightwear (soft & loose) under your sheets and look after your vagina while enjoying your sleep. If you don’t like sleeping naked, consider wearing a very loose and stretchy cotton material. For me, the best way to sleep? Completely naked!

4. Change your underwear often: It’s very easy for one to sweat under a yoga session or after running an errand. It is best to change your underwear once it becomes moist. Bacteria and fungi thrive in a moist and warm environment. For the sake of your vaginal health, change whenever your underwear is moist. Also, consider replacing all your lingerie once the old ones are worn out. This should happen 4-8 times every year.

5. Wash your undies with laundry detergent: You need to pay great attention to the skin down there. Use detergents that are made for sensitive skin. Do not forget to rinse thoroughly after washing and dry under the sun.

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