7 Underwear Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Changing or replacing worn-out undies are awkward conversations that a lot of women shy away from but it is a talk we ought to be having on a daily basis. Also, when you are considering replacing your undies with new ones, what do you think is necessary to be in your wardrobe?

As far as fashion is concerned, many of us have experienced panty lines showing through a dress after dressing up for work or an occasion and this can be very embarrassing. This happens because we always buy basic underwear while shopping for lingerie. We always pick bras according to what cloth we put on but why not shop the same way for undies?

The same way a strapless bra is important when you want to rock a tube dress, a seamless underwear is equally important when you are wearing a plain pencil skirt. In this post, we will be detailing all the essential underwear that should not be missing in your drawer.

1.   1. Seamless G-strings: Even if you prefer briefs, G-strings are necessary and should be among your collections. They can be worn under tight denim, pencil skirts, and dresses, so they are necessary and it’s good to have a handful of them in your underwear drawer.

2. Boy shorts: This is similar to men’s boxers and is super comfortable. They are cool and should be worn under skirts as well as flared dresses.

3. Hipsters: They are low-rise panties that have wide coverage on the sides. Hipsters go with almost every item of clothing, so be sure to have more than just a couple of them.

4. Classic briefs: They are the usual regular underwear. The ones that come in a pack of 4 or 6. They can be paired with almost any outfit as long as the outfit is not a body hug in order not to display panty lines.


5. Cotton briefs: Cotton undies are lifesavers and a very essential item to have in your underwear drawer. They are breathable and allow airflow to the vagina. Your cotton underwear should be just that – COTTON! Don’t be sucked into the fancy trims and shiny fabrics as your best bet for comfort and longevity is 100% cotton all the way.

6.   Control briefs: A high-waisted control briefs works wonders in smoothing out the body silhouette under a dress while accentuating your shape underneath fitted pants and skirts. They might lack sex appeal but they function in other ways. A wardrobe essential to have no matter your body size.

7.  Thongs: Thongs are sexy and perfect underwear to wear under any outfit. They also help to hide those lines that might ruin your perfect outfit because of their seamless sides.


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