Exercises to Keep Your Vagina Very Tight & Young

Is it possible for someone to tighten a loose vagina? The answer is a BIG YES!

The vagina is loose after childbirth or lifting heavyweights. Age is another factor that can weaken the pelvic floor and loosen the vagina. If you are wondering why you no longer enjoy sexual activities, you are not alone. The thing is, you have most likely damaged the pelvic floor muscles in your body.

The pelvic muscles are what renders support to the bladder, vagina, vagina walls, and rectum. When these muscles are weak, they can make you start feeling like your body is no longer the same especially when it relates to your sex life.

The vagina can be stretched during pregnancy, delivery, and from performing strenuous activities like lifting weights. These activities weaken the pelvic floor. This can make the vagina feel loose, therefore making your sexual activities dull.

There are a couple of Kegel exercises that could be done to tighten up the vagina. They are very effective when done well.

1. Pelvic thrust: This is the most common and simple Kegel exercise that one could do to tighten the vagina. It entails thrusting of the pelvic region. You put some pressure on the lower abdominal area using weights, rest the upper half on a bench and move your body up and down.

2. Bridge hold: This is simply a plank for the pelvic floor. Lie in the position of a bridge pose, squeeze in your butt, suck in the lower abdomen and hold the pose. The more you hold the position, the more your pelvic region strengthens up and eventually helps to tighten the vagina.

3. Weighted squats: this exercise does not just enhance your butt to be rounder but also strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. If you are doing weighted squats for the purpose of tightening your vagina, you must put pressure on the pelvic region to make it very effective.

The secret to tightening your vagina using these exercises lies in movement. The pelvic floor moves up and down during the exercises, leading to contraction and relaxation, which eventually leads to a tight vagina.

To be eligible for these exercises, you must have fully recovered from post-pregnancy. Otherwise, you will be putting unnecessary pressure on an already fragile pelvic region which might lead to another pelvic issue.

Finally, now you know about these pelvic exercises to tighten the vagina, it’s time to get your sex life back on track naturally.


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