I started off blogging about different protective hairstyles for African women and I must say, it has been a lot of fun because I have experienced a lot of things, I have actually come across situations that I questioned the reasons for most of my blog posts. And most importantly, I have learned so much.

I always sounded so professional and straight to the point. Like, let's get this out and be done with it. This produced readers who only visited my blog to see pictures of trending hairstyles and leave without as much as dropping a comment or two. I presumed they'd say in their minds "This is the blogger that wants us to see some cute or gorgeous photos of hairstyles, we have, now let's get going".

As awkward and funny as that might sound, it's the truth. I have a hard time coming in terms with that. I am very pleased to say that I have gone natural with my hair and at that, I have also decided to revamp what I post on the blog.

Blogging for me right now is not about who gets to see the latest hair trend, It's still part of the drill but the focus is and shouldn't be on that alone.

Right now, I am more enthusiastic about this natural hair thing that I am most willing to start sharing every part of my natural hair journey with my readers. I am very much surprised and shocked at the same time how long it took me to discover natural hair.

Like I am not so proud of myself on that.

I am on a new mission. To help black women accept and embrace their natural hair with a passion. I think the greatest injustice black women have done to their hair was not appreciating its natural form and always looking for a way to stretch it out with chemicals.

Hair-lo (Hello) guys, the interesting journey to waist length natural hair is birthed.

Let's do this together.

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